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unlikely duo with a fresh perspective

March 15th, 2018 No comments

What happens when a four star general joins forces with a Berkley professor to write a book? Based on the first couple of hours that I’ve spent with the book; I believe they’ve created something special. Here is a quote from the first page of the Preface

Although the world has changed, the way we think about leadership hasn’t kept pace. Often the result is suboptimal objectives decided upon too late, measured with the wrong metrics, and implemented with overconfidence by a workforce that is not sufficiently empowered to deliver them.


Wow, talk about not pulling punches!

For the folks that are interested in reading the rest of the Preface, here is a link to some chapters of the google books version:

In the following chapters the authors share a fresh perspective and thinking. I’m heading back to read my book.


Radical Inclusion: What the Post-9/11 World Should Have Taught Us About Leadership by Martin Dempsey & Ori Brafman can be found on Amazon:



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Free Stuff – iPhone Applications that can help you grow

December 13th, 2009 No comments

In an effort to utilize some of the time that goes to waste everyday, I decided to download some non-fiction books for my iPhone.  My plan was to put the various time slots that are normally spent not being used productively in a more constructive manner.  And so my search started and found some free applications.  I approached with caution because I was not expecting much from free stuff.

I found a number of applications created by the folks at Tapstack where they have taken a number of non-fiction books and converted some of the core content into flash cards that are easily viewable on the iPhone.  Here are some of the books that I downloaded from the AppStore.

SparkPilot.com_Iditarod_Leadership image SparkPilot.com_New_Art_of_Managing_People image SparkPilot.com_100_ways_to_motivate_others image

The application provides selected content specifically formatted for the iPhone screen.  Here are some screen shots of the applications.

SparkPilot.com_Iditarod_Leadership_card_image image SparkPilot.com_NAMP_card_image image

There are a number of books available and I found the best way to find them was to search for “tapstack” using the search function in the appstore.

Now, you can continue your personal growth whenever you have some exra time that would normally have been wasted.

Book: The Leader’s Voice

January 28th, 2009 No comments

The Leader’s Voice: How Communication Can Inspire Action and Get Results!

1st edition
Authors: Boyd Clarke, Ron Crossland
ISBN: 1590790162

2nd edition
Authors: Ron Crossland
ISBN: 1590791525

A manager is only as good as their communication with people.  After all, managers need to achieve results through the actions of others and therefore communicate is critical to their success.  I give all of my directs this book and I have read it 4 times.  Hopefully one of these days I will be able implement the behavioral changes needed for me to master communication.  Here are the key messages that I took from the book.


I have been told numerous times that the numbers speak for themselves and if this statement was true everyone would be able to read a balance sheet….  That being said, the data is critical because it provides the quantitative information that is needed to convince people of your perspective.


We humans are emotional beings, even though some us like to deny it.  Think of messages delivered by people that you liked. Or disliked.  I ask this because I believe that how we feel emotionally affects how we receive the message.  If you do not know the person then the emotional connection needs to be created during the dialogue. This is why sales people try to connect with us emotionally by asking us questions about sports, kids weather, etc.


This one is simple.  What is in it for me?  There has to be some form of reward or value.

1st Edition

2nd Edition

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