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10 Reasons why we fail? Plus 3 from me for an unlucky 13

I recently came across a post regarding 10 reasons why people fail.  For the folks that know me, I prefer to focus on the positive but in this case I do believe that there are some great points raised. I have taken the liberty of changing the ranking sequence listed in the original post slightly.  I also inserted a number of  items of items of my own in the list.  Please refer to the original blog post for details on the reasons that are from the original post that can be found here:  10 Reasons Why You’re Probably Going to Fail

And the 13 Reasons…..

  • It’s not your passion
  • You don’t have a plan.
  • You’re waiting for it to be perfect
  • You’re afraid of failure
  • You’re not willing to work hard
  • You don’t have the skills or knowledge
    • Not knowing what to do becomes  tends to cause more paralysis the longer the challenge stays without a solution.  Here are some tips that can help:
      • Break the problem into smaller pieces
        • Large problems generally consist of lots of smaller issues/challenges.  Think of the problem as Thanks Giving dinner – eat it one mouthful at a time with a smile
      • Separate the problem from the solution
        • Define and understand the problem first.  When the problem is defined and clear, then work on the solution for each problem.
      • Put your ego away and ask for help
        • To soften the blow on the ego, you can do brainstorming sessions to elicit help from others.
        • Discuss the situation with your mentors and get their input.
        • Enlist help from team mates, when part of a team, it is less about asking for help and more about collaborative teamwork.  Remember, your baby is never ugly, so get people to help you make the baby.
      • Fill in the skills Gap
        • Attend a class
        • Do research and Read – books, blogs, Internet searches
        • Ask for help
  • You don’t trust yourself
    • Or put differently, I don’t have the self confidence
      • The first thing here is to stop stabbing yourself with the butter knife!!!  Come on, putting yourself down like this is no different from stabbing yourself with a butter knife.  Your get to stab but no one knows that you are stabbing yourself because it is not life threatening.
      • Build yourself up through supportive statements
      • Trust in your instincts / gut, afterall in most case, your manager would not have hired you if you could not deliver the goods
      • Start small and build up slowly and regularly.  Succeed at least once a day!
  • You do not have the support
    • We cannot succeed alone and we all need support.
      • Start by supporting yourself!!!  When others see that you are supporting yourself, they will follow your lead and support you too.
      • Support generates support other in a genuine manner because then they will support you
      • Ensure that you goals align with your manager’s because then they are incented to support in return
      • Teamwork and collaboration is the best source of support
      • Get a mentor(s) and/or a coach
  • It’ll outgrow you
  • You’ve had success in the past
  • You’re unwilling to stop doing something else
  • You won’t build a team of friends
  • You won’t have the tough conversations

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  1. December 10th, 2009 at 21:40 | #1

    Good, very good, so let’s analysis ourselves first, right?


  2. December 11th, 2009 at 19:26 | #2

    Outstanding blog. Lots of good ideas here.

  3. December 16th, 2009 at 06:10 | #3

    Great article, Gavin. AND, thanks for the mention on November 29th. That mural was created live onstage during a speech by Guy Kawasaki at the 2006 Conference of the International Federation of Coaches (ICF). It was a great speech and a great conference.

    The process of creating such murals is called Graphic Recording– it’s amazing to watch and a privilege to practice. More info is available on my website, http://www.visual-logic.net

    Thanks again!

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