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The Pignon volunteers come together 

After a day of travel, the team finally assembled in a cheap hotel in Port-au-Prince before starting the long road trip up North to a little town called Pignon. We were fortunate enough to be able to all fit into the the Toyota HiAce with our luggage piled high on the roof. The initial portion of the road trip consists of a twin road pass to get over the mountain that cuddles the back of Port au Prince. The second half consisted of a horrendous dirt road with a river crossing and all. Some of the volunteers suffer from motion sickness; the dirtroad must have been a really rough trip for them.
Our arrival in Pignon was pretty easy to determine, there were concrete roads.  This is also the cleanest town I’ve seen since arriving in Haiti. The even have garbage cans on the street.

We are all staying in a guest house on the Main Street where the volunteer group of four guys and seven women all get to share the three bathrooms. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike cold showers…..although the benefit is they do wake you up in the morning.

The locals had already removed the previous house and had almost finished digging the foundation trenches for new house when we arrived on site. All that remained for us was to finish up a small portion of the trenches. Other team members started to manufacture the rebar structures that would serve as the primary vertical supports while others operated the sieves that would remove the stones from the soil mix that form the base for the concrete and mortar mixtures. As the various work trains all converged on the mixing of the concrete for the foundation and the installation of the  vertical rebar structures. The concrete was mixed, loaded into 5 gallon buckets and carried to where the foundation was being poured. While this was going on, some of the team headed off to fetch the cinder blocks and pile them up next to the building site so that they would be ready for use.
After we broke for lunch, we started the effort of completing the rest of the foundation using large cinder blocks. Fortunately for us, there were three very experienced bricklayers that performced this task and our roles were simple manual labor carrying buckets of mortar and cinder blocks.

We have managed to socialize a bit with the local inhabitants. The people are very friendly and the whole town knows that the Fuller Housing volunteers are in town. As such, we have the expected people wanting handouts but a lot more people that are just trying to talk and engage with us.

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