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what can I do to keep my job?

Considering the recession that we find ourselves in, it is not surprising that I am being asked the following question:  “what can I do to ensure that I do not lose my job?”   All I can offer regarding this questions is some suggestions and here they are:

Make peace with what you cannot change and influence the hell out of the rest.

So here are some examples of the things to make peace with:

  • company going out of business
  • Reduction in Force
  • elimination of the department/position

Now, here are some things to think about and to manage:

  • Return-On-Investment:  Ensure that the company is getting more than what they are investing in you.
  • Evidence of results: It is important to be able to demonstrate the results of your efforts.
  • Don’t be a pain: Do not make life hard for your boss or peers.  Please do not bitch and moan.
  • Solve the business need: In times like this, our role is to solve the business need in the best possible way.  Pushing back about tasks that you do not want to do, is the last behavior that should come to mind.
  • Add additional value: Do more than you have to do for your job but do not neglect your job.
  • Fiscal responsibility:  Resist the urge to spend money.
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