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March 6th, 2018

I am an experienced executive with 25 plus years of organizational and people leadership experience in various high-tech execution-focused roles across multiple continents and cultures.  The intent of this blog is to help others learn from my experiences hopefully improving the life of employees everywhere.  It is my experience it is either customers and our people that pay the price for a leadership failure.

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Brief Biography

Gavin McMurdo is the SVP Cloud Solutions for ForgeRock, a leading digital identity provider where his charter is to build and execute a digital transformation strategy and take their services online. Before joining ForgeRock he spent some time volunteering and Giving Back after a number of years with Tier 3, who was acquired by CenturyLink. Previously, he led the teams responsible for Xbox network and sever infrastructure, server OS down to the DC.  Before moving to Xbox he led an organization responsible for the operations and support of the shared tools and line-of-business applications that used to run the majority of the Microsoft’s customer facing global data centers.  He was recruited to Microsoft after spending a number of years with startups in various leadership positions leading both technical and business teams.

Prior to adopting the startup lifestyle, Gavin was a member of Novell’s elite Advanced Development Group where he was able to leverage his international business experience by playing a pivotal role in developing new technologies.  He was transferred him to the US after he helped start the Novell Africa office in Johannesburg South Africa.  In his spare time, he enjoys photography, cycling and sports cars.

All of the opinion expressed on this blog those of Gavin McMurdo and do not reflect those of his employer in any way.

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